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Wish List

Use this page for your wish list of items that you are looking to furnish your home with. Whether shopping for bedside tables or shoe storage benches, make your short list here.

Never forget what inspired and captivated you at The Home Furniture Store. When browsing through the huge selection of Home and Garden furniture make sure you add your favourites to your list.

Create a list for each category of furniture you are seeking.  Home can be one list where you can add those fabulous pieces of furniture that have captivated you.  Make a separate list for Garden where you can compile a list of alfresco dining sets.

Gift List

At Christmas time and Birthdays go to your list and share your coveted favourites with friends and family.  Make it easy for your nearest and dearest to gift you your heart’s desire at The Home Furniture Store.

Ask your friends to set their own Wish List up at The Home Furniture Store.  In this way you will never disappoint them with the wrong present.

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