The Joy of Alfresco Dining

All it takes is the faint scent of fresh mown grass, the sighting of the first daffodil about to burst into bloom and the talk of Easter just around the corner … And off we go to dig out the BBQ, dust down the garden chairs, and hunt for the parasol! And why not? The food tastes so much better when cooked and eaten outdoors. We can’t wait to celebrate the end of the long hard winter months and start savouring memories of happy days in the garden last summer

joy of alfresco dining

This year why not take it to the next level and treat yourself to one of our Casamoré Alforno pizza Ovens for your garden entertaining.



Enjoy the taste of deliciously fresh stone baked pizza in the comfort of your own garden with this amazing Alforno Pizza Oven from the Casamore Outdoor collection. Experience dining alfresco Italian style and delight friends and family by cooking up a storm right in front of their eyes. Also included, is a wood chip smoker box which helps add to add that extra bit of flavour to your mouthwatering home-made pizza. Easily transported, the oven features wheels and a handle to allow you to enjoy it in many places, whether it be snacking in the garden or dinner on the patio with a relaxing ambiance – this pizza oven has it all!
As was once famously said by a busy American journalist, Sydney J Harris:

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it!

… So make time today and indulge in a summer full of meals to remember.

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