The effortless style of shabby chic furniture

Many of our product ranges take inspiration from the shabby chic design style. We love this look because of its elegance and the ease with which it can be incorporated into any home.

But what does shabby chic represent? Where does it come from and how can we embrace the lifestyle it signifies.

Shabby chic furniture coffee table
Shabby chic furniture coffee table

Well, it may surprise some to know that shabby chic is defined by its use of worn or used items; distressed furniture which has either naturally become worn over time or has purposefully been treated to look a little dog-eared. Often, pieces would fit well within the traditional décor of a country home.

Today we relate these items with the designer houses of young trendsetters and, as a result, shabby chic items now often come with a rather large price tag.

The Casamore shabby chic range is an exception of course. The Home Furniture Store prides itself on providing high quality pieces for our customers, which are affordable and accessible for all budgets.

Why so chic?

The style originates from France – which may go a little way to explaining its effortless class and elegance – the beauty of this look is that it has allowed imperfect style to become accepted and revered. It is considered tasteful and even refined. This is due to exquisite details which make up shabby chic items – this is the secret to its elegance.

The Devon shabby wine rack and drawer is an example of how small details bring a piece to life. The otherwise simple white and brown design is given character by the use of a delicate motif adorned on the side of the table. The lines are blackened to look as though the item is older than it truly is, making the piece appear to have been part of your home for decades, perhaps even passed down from a family member.

Devon shabby wine rack and drawer
Devon shabby wine rack and drawer

The shabby chic ethos

It represents care and sentimentality; a love for items which goes beyond its look or age. Of course, we know that many furniture pieces going under the name are brand new, but we can keep a secret if you can!

The style also represents an appreciation for the imperfect. For many, shabby chic may not appeal directly because of its distressed, worn nature, but for others it provides the charm they’ve been searching for to make their house a home.

So, will you be joining the shabby chic revolution?

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