Mirror, mirror, on the wall – who has the most beautiful home of all?

dining furniture mirror

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall” – these are the words used by the Evil Queen in Snow White as she seeks to know, with desperation, if she remains the most beautiful woman in all the land.

The somewhat vain queen was rather fond of her looking-glass; however, a love for mirrors in interior design does not necessarily reflect similar vanity.

A small room can be ‘opened up’ through use of a carefully placed mirror. Used within a bedroom or living room, a mirror can provide the illusion of extra space whether placed on a wall (as the queen would prefer) or by using a free-standing mirror. A large mirror on the widest spanning wall of the room will instantly make a small space appear more expansive.

Mirrors are also a great reflector of light. Dark accommodation can be brightened by adding one or two to a room and strategically placing lighting, such as a lamp or even a candle, near a mirror to create a gorgeous glow and provide a relaxing space to unwind. Often a dining table centre piece will incorporate a mirrored surface to reflect candlelight, radiating a soft luminosity across the space.

Exquisitely framed mirrors, such as our very own Shabby Chic Oval Wall Mirror can add a focal point to a room. This product is truly a statement piece. The exquisite detail is almost regal in character and style.

Mirrored furniture is another route you could take. Use of integral mirrors and mirrored surfaces is very on-trend at present and is featured frequently in modern furniture design but is, perhaps, a slightly more risky choice, both in terms of style and actual risk. Families with children are likely to be widening their eyes at such a prospect as mirrored kitchen tables and chairs.

mirrors on the wall An alternative method of decorating includes using many small mirrors in one space – usually along a section of one wall. Again, it’s a real statement look which has become popular over recent years; slightly kooky and imaginative, it’s a great alternative to using one large (often expensive) mirror to spruce up an unloved corner of your home.

However you choose to include mirrors in your interior design project, just be sure to have fun with it. Don’t take things as seriously as the Evil Queen!

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