Glastonbury in your garden

If you were watching Glastonbury coverage and wishing that you had been lucky enough to secure a ticket, then you’re not alone.

But just because you’re not going to a festival this summer doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the free-spirit vibes. Creating a mini festival in your back garden is easier than you might think and means that you can avoid getting stuck amongst a crowd of sweaty music fans. Plus, you won’t have to queue for an hour to use an uninviting portaloo!

Glastonbury in your own garden
Glastonbury in your own garden

Your very own festival

Start by setting the tone with some incense sticks, such as sage or citronella which will help keep the bugs away.

Next, you’ll need to make the place look magical. Create a casual space for people to sit and relax using blankets, cushions and bean bags. String outdoor fairy lights to a fence or twist them around your washing line to add some extra sparkle. Wherever you can, hang outdoor decorations such as paper lanterns or pom-pom balls and maybe even include some wind chimes.

You’ll also need to feed your hungry guests. Barbeque food such as hot dogs and burgers is perfect for a summer party and the smell of sausages sizzling on the grill will only add to the sense of festival fun.

Set up a mini dining area if you have the space. A small outdoor dining set such as the Capri three-piece bench set would be ideal, but any form of garden furniture, chairs, tables, cushions, bean bags etc. will suffice.

Festivals these days are family friendly so there’s no need to exclude children. Include garden games for adults and kids, such as giant Jenga, Twister, limbo or skittles.

We’re not expecting you to build a stage in your backyard, but if you do happen to have some friends who are good with a guitar, ask them to play some songs for half an hour. If not, create your perfect summer playlist and bring a pair of speakers out into the garden. You could even hire a karaoke machine.

Just remember that even Glastonbury has a noise curfew, so you should probably have one too. Around midnight is reasonable at the weekend, but it should be earlier on a weeknight – or why not invite the neighbours so that they can enjoy the fun with you.

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