Garden games this summer holiday

It’s getting to that time of year which is both loved and dreaded by parents – the summer holidays are fast approaching.

Of course, summer is a fabulous thing because we can (in theory) look forward to sunshine, warm weather and enjoying the longer evenings. It’s also a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together and for children to relax and enjoy being kids for a few weeks, without the need for early nights and homework.

Garden games this summer holiday
Garden games this summer holiday

It’s also a frightening prospect for parents because it means six whole weeks of bored and impatient children who need entertaining while you attempt to work child care needs around your own work schedule – there’s no summer holiday for grown-ups after all.

However, gardens are a boon and even if you can’t offer your kids six weeks of non-stop fun and excitement, you can still put by an hour or two to enjoy the glorious weather together.

If you have a small garden then swingball is a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. It’ll keep children entertained for hours on end while also being energetic enough to tire them out just in time for dinner. And this in itself can become a novel affair for your youngsters.

Dining al fresco isn’t a common occurrence in the UK, mainly due to our unpredictable weather, however, using outdoor dining as a treat for your kids could brighten up a dry but cloudy summer’s day.

It can save you a lot of work too, as finger food, cold pasta salads, and veggies with dip are all perfect picnic treats which little ones generally love.

So why not open your garden up for proper family use this summer with our wide range of dining and lounge garden furniture, including hard-wearing rattan furniture strong enough to withstand the elements and lively children’s antics! There’s lots on offer – see for yourself.

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