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It’s the colour that never goes out of style and yet many would not consider decorating their homes using black.

Of course, it’s understandable. Black is a colour with which it is all too easy to make a design mistake. The colour can be overpowering and carries funereal connotations, but if you do choose to use black in your home then you’ll be pleased to know that the end result does not have to resemble something from an Addams Family movie. Adams family black bed

The boldness of black is fantastic for highlighting and accentuating features within a room and looks striking against almost any colour it’s paired with. The trick to using black is to do so sparingly. For example, white or cream walls can be dressed with a mirror which has a solid black frame. The eye will immediately be drawn to this. Black decor is perfect for creating a focal point in a room and creating clean, sharp lines of tone.

One theme that is popular among interior designers is the use of black with white to create a dramatic contrast. This works especially well in the bedroom. You could choose to paint the walls a stark white or soft cream colour and then add depth to the room using dark furniture, black bed sheets or other accessories such as wall clocks. Alternatively you could paint a feature wall black and then use white bedroom furniture to soften and brighten the space. The Home Furniture Store offers a wide range of white bedroom furniture which would work perfectly in this scenario.

Unless you have serious Goth tendencies painting every wall of a room black is not something we would suggest. Remember that the colour dominates and can very easily become overpowering if used excessively. You may be able to get away with using black more consistently if the room you are decorating enjoys lots of natural light, but, even then, be wary of balancing dark with light.

Range of bedroom furniture
Range of bedroom furniture

A final word of warning; if the room you are decorating is small then black may best be used as an accent colour only. While lighter tones will create a sense of light, space and airiness within a small space, a room can begin to feel cold or washed out without darker colours anchoring the design.

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