Corfu Woodash Weatherproof Garden Furniture

The Casamoré Corfu Woodash Weatherproof Garden Furniture Range is the ultimate in outdoor relaxation and dining.  The polyrattan weave has a distinctive appearance that enhances the design of the furniture.  This weave has a textured feel which looks like natural weathering in a grey/beige tone.  We use an attractive rustic unrolled 20mm wide weave.  The cross weaving compliments the look with a double half round weave. First and foremost all our weave is a high quality Polyrattan.

This garden furniture collection embraces both dining and sofa sets.  Each dining set comes complete with a matching parasol and base.  Larger dining tables include an attractive and functional ‘Lazy Susan’.  We have modular units in our lounge sets.  This allows you to lay out your furniture in the way you want.

All our frames are aluminium so will not rust.  Likewise our cushions are weatherproof.  Therefore, you can leave cushions out in a shower without any ill effect.  The exciting development of this range now produces ‘height adjust tables’.  This means that you can change the height of your table from dining, down to coffee, and back up again with ease.

In summary our Corfu Woodash Range is luxury outdoor living!