Make your garden your pride and joy with our range of a gardening accessories. From rustic wooden planters to hard-wearing plastic flowerpots, potting benches to plant stands, The Home Furniture Store has all the essentials for you to create the perfect outdoor space. Planters and flower pots provide a great container for a variety of plants to grow. Placed on the patios, balcony, terrace or roof garden, planters and flower pots brighten up dull areas and add a pop of colour. Potting Benches provide storage and are the perfect place to pot new plants. A metal top potting bench provides a hard-wearing surface, which is also easy to clean. Drawers and shelves are ideal for storing a variety of gardening tools and even soil. A plant stand is great for displaying a variety of garden pots herbs and accessories. Don’t delay. Ensure you have all the essentials for the first signs of Spring!